Sunday, 27 December 2015

Cherating, a short vacay.

Video i was took when all of them was sleeping while im only awake. It is dangerous for all of drivers to take selfies or whatsoever.  Please dont follow my bad attitude toward this.  Please drive safe!

Hello there!

Last week me and my family was going vacation, a short holiday actually which situated in Pahang. We gone to Cherating.  It's really fun actually because we've planned it last minute and seriously most of us had short time of rest time.

My mom planned to take a short sight to Cherating Beach which situated to Pahang.  I think near to Kuantan maybe.  I've never explore Pahang area before and my time past years was in Bandar Pusat Jengka, Temerloh and Mentakab actually.

Later will upload pictures holiday okay ;)

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